International air transportation

We will provide high quality services that make full use of overseas distribution network spreading to the world.


We have created a system that can provide fine-grained service by making full use of our own overseas network for complex integrated transport of international air cargo.
We can provide reliable service by rapidly responding with various experienced staff with wide variety of cargoes.

Service features

A wealth of achievements to China and Southeast Asia
We can also do business which is said to be difficult by other companies due to abundant logistics experience and our own expertise.
Particularly in the business for China and Southeast Asia, it is possible to make a reliable and consistent work through partnership with local subsidiaries.
Providing services at low prices
By constructing our own network, Door To Door eliminates consistent shipping and waste, thereby offering low-cost services that can not be imitated by other companies.
Provide secure and reliable service
Based on the experience accumulated, we have received a great reputation for consistent and well-served services from "starting point" to "end point" of logistics.
Extensive partnership
It is formed by overseas affiliates, joint ventures with local companies and agencies that are our business alliance partners. We combine all modes of transportation in the sky, the sea, and the land, we propose integrated transport that is optimal for customer's needs.

Field of service

General cargo
EC cargo
Food cargo
Exhibit cargo
Special cargo
Hazardous Material

Procedures for aviation export

pickup on cargo

We will pick up cargo to the customer.


We will carry out loading and unloading of picked cargoes. At that time, check the number and exterior and check whether the cargo is damaged such as damage.

Calibration and scale and labeling

We will calibrate the cargo, measure the scale, and paste the label on the air waybill.


Export customs clearance / export license

We will make an export declaration through NACSS (import / export / port related information processing system). If there is no problem in the declaration contents, it will be export permitted.

Deliver it to an airline company

After export permission, we will assemble to ULD for aircraft loading and carry cargo to airline company.

Departure to your destination

After installation on the aircraft, we will depart to the destination.


Procedures for air import

Arrival at airport

Cargo arrives at the airport.


We will do loading and unloading of the arrived cargo and check the number and state.


Carry the cargo into the bonded storage area.

Import customs clearance / import permit

We will do import declaration through NACSS (import / export / port related information processing system). Import declaration will be accepted unless there is a problem in the declaration contents.

Carrying out

It will be carried out after import permission.


The cargo is loaded onto the truck for delivery.


It will be delivered to you by truck.


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