Customs clearance / forwarding

The customs team who arranged veteran staff and the latest customs clearance system politely and speedily support.

Service overview

We have a customs broker who is familiar with the latest customs clearance system and customs procedures related laws and regulations, and we are using our extensive knowledge and experience to provide prompt and appropriate services.

We set up a motto of "accurately, promptly, safely" and carry out import & export customs clearance procedures that realize customer satisfaction.
We will continue to build a more comprehensive service system, respond quickly to customer needs, and contribute to the business development of our customers.

Service field

Import & Export Customs Clearance Service(General, e-commerce, food, dangerous goods)
Quarantine substitution service

(Animals, plants, food)
Customs clearance consulting service

(FTA, trade consulting)

Service strengths

We introduce the latest system to quickly respond to the increasing overseas logistics, provide appropriate services of customs procedures by experienced rich customs officials, advice on transportation means etc. by field.
Build nationwide customs network.

Apply for import entry

When cargo arrives in Japan (from a ship, airplane, etc.) from foreign country, this cargo is handled as foreign cargo and temporarily stored in a bonded area at a port or airport. In order to handle this foreign cargo as a circulating cargo in Japan, import declaration is required for the customs authorities that have jurisdiction over the bonded area where cargo is kept.
The import declaration checks the item name, quantity, price, etc. by the document of the cargo (invoice packing list · B / L · others etc.), checks contents and classifies the contents, creates a declaration form, then declares the import declaration It will be completed (tax return declaration method).
If necessary, you will be subject to cargo inspection by customs. (Tax number · Confirmation against cargo, Confirmation of conflict with other laws, Confirmation of import prohibited goods etc.) Also, we will pay tax if customs duty is required by customs law, customs duty declining law etc, consumption tax It will be import permitted by always paying.

If you want to send cargo from Japan to a foreign country, you must transport it to the bonded area and make a shipment confirmation in the bonded area against the cargo which was ready for export, and declare the export to the customs office of the bonded area jurisdiction .
The preparation for export here is to prepare the quantity, weight, packing form, etc. of the cargo, confirmation of booking of ship and aircraft, preparation of documents (invoice packing list, B / L, certificate of other laws) .
For cargo which export permission is issued from customs, it will be foreign cargo so it will be handled by specialist until shipping.
When the customs broker declares to be declared by delegation, check with the customer (SHIPPER), check whether the cargo is exported in compliance with laws and regulations, conflict with each treaty, etc. and check export documents Confirm and declare the declaration according to the schedule of ship and aircraft to be exported and declare.

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